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  • Portfolio Management
  • Cost & Revenue Report
  • Dashboard
  • Shared Calendar
  • Fast, Secure & Reliable
  Project Management Tools For Executives
  • Status Reports
  • Calendar View
  • Gantt Chart
  • Resource Utilization
  • Automated Reports
  Web Based Project Management Software
  • Collaboration
  • File attachments
  • Reminders / Notifications
  • Easy Searching
  • Comments Tracking
  Project Drive Software for Users
  • Track tasks, clients, etc...
  • Completly Customizable
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Track any data
  Read About Project-Drive's Inifite Customization
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More than a Project Management Software

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More Info

Why Use our Project Management Software?

Project Drive's project management software is an easy to use web-based project management software, it is extraordinaly customizable and will conform to your projects and workflow demands.

It is more than a planning tool, it is a collaboration software that will facilitate the execution of any type of project.

Track your Projects actual Progress versus Planned, Timesheet, cost, etc...

It is the only project management software you will ever need regardless of your requirements.

Choose Project Drive project management software for your company's needs:

  • Provides all tools, charts, reporting functions and a customizable dashboard for efficient project management and objective-oriented productivity
  • Promotes communication and collaboration with an intuitive web-based interface and automated communication functions
  • Enables optimal communication between internal work teams and with external partners such as vendors and clients
  • Fully customizable interface to meet your needs
  • Create your own project management templates and customize workflows to match your processes and work methods
  • Project management software adaptable to any number of projects or any size work team
  • Easy to learn and intuitive user interface even for non-technical business users
  • Web-based project management software allows you to save time and reduce costs at implementation and throughout the project lifecycles
  • Reliable web-based platform
  • Affordable solutions tailored to your business needs based on number of users or projects

Online Project Management for Small Businesses

Our project management software was developed with flexibility and adaptivity in mind. With Project Drive, each of your management projects are created from a template.

Create your own screens using templates

Templates are the blue print of the elements to be tracked for you projects, each account administrator can create and edit their own templates. Within each templates it's possible to add as many fields as necessary, we have a multitude of fields like: text, number, drop-down, comments, file upload, date time, etc...

Simply said, with Project Drive, you can create your own project management screens, decide which fields to add and where to place them, more information is available at the following link.

Project Management Reporting

Once all the elements of your projects are tracked and entered into our project management tool, the next step is to report on these in order to view the status of the projects.

Project Drive offers 2 way of viewing and managing this information.


Project Drive's project management dashboard is composed of a series of widget that lets project managers view the state of each of their project. At a glance that can see:

  • late, coming or outstanding tasks
  • Progress of each of their project actual vs planned
  • Time sheet information for each of their projects
  • Graphics based on project key indicators
  • and much more

Complete control of their own dashboard is given to users.

Reporting Engine

Project management reports are key to any sound project management practice. Each company have different needs for using and analyzing their project's data. We recognize this fact and consequently have developed our own reporting engine. This gives users the ultimate flexibility in reporting, users can create their own reports, decide on which fields to report and how the report will look. Reports can be for unique to users or shared amongst many users.

User Security and Roles

Account administrators can decide which users have access to which projects, if a user does not have access to a project he does not even know of its existance. In addition users are granted roles for projects, for example can have "View Only" role for a project and be a "Project Administrator" on a different project.

System Security and Availability

We understand that our project management tool needs to be secure offering high availability to its users. We have achieved this by having multiple redundant systems which are monitored 24/7/365. All data is backed-up in real-time ensuring maximum safety and availability. In addition all account holders can access our systems via SSL encryption.

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Our Philosophy

Project Drive was created because of a need we saw in our own experiences for better project management solutions.

We are a customer-driven organization that strives to provide the best possible products and services.

Our project management software will enable you to stay focused and organized in order to complete your tasks on time and within budget.





Project Drive has been awarded and recognized by as one of the Best Web Tools for Project Management Software category.

Project Drive - Best project management software

Talk to us

Drop us a note Let us know what your project management challenges are.

Knowing our customers and their challenges is what we are all about.

Once this is done we will tailor your Project Drive account to your exact needs.

If you prefer a phone conversation, send us your number and we will gladly call you back and discuss your needs.